Vi hadde det travelt på reisen hjem til Norge. Foto: Ivan André Buvik
Vi hadde det travelt på reisen hjem til Norge. Foto: Ivan André Buvik

The way home

We had wrongly calculated the number of holiday days, and the last days of the holiday there was a lot of driving. From Prague, the journey went to Norway, via Göttingen, Celle and Helsingborg.

Something had happened to our vacation planning. A couple of days has been lost. This meant that we had to spend the last holiday days to drive far beyond what we initially intended.

From Vienna we went to Prague where we stayed at the Express by Holiday Inn City Center Prague Hotel. A cozy hotel, but unfortunately the service was not as expected. By the way, it was the same service level as other places we visited in the city.

Only place we experienced good and enjoyable service while we were in Prague was at El Gaucho, the restaurant where we ate a lovely steak meal.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel. They served a very nice breakfast, but I have never seen more mourning servants in a breakfast room ever. One would almost think they had been raised on lemons and grapefruits:-)

From Prague, we went west towards Germany. Last night in Germany we stayed at hotels in Göttingen. We noted a significant difference in service levels between the Czech Republic and Germany. The Germans are nicer and more courteous.

From Göttingen the road went to Celle. The time we had at hand did not match how nice and exciting this city is. Celle is a place I want to return to, just like Vienna. From Celle we drove nonstop to Puttgarden where we took ferry to Rødbyhavn. The trip takes about an hour. Just after midnight we were in Rødbyhavn. We had originally plans to drive to Copenhagen, but we ended up taking a ferry between Helsingør and Helsingborg to get to Sweden before finding a place to stay for the night.

We stayed at a hotel in Helsingborg. Here we were pleasantly received, even though we arrived late at night. We slept a little too long in Helsingborg and missed breakfast, so we ended up eating breakfast at a Statoil station.

From Helsingborg we drove towards Gothenburg, with plans to cross the national border at Svinesund. At Svinesund we stopped and made the last mandatory purchases. Even though we had bought our quota of alcohol on the ferry between Puttgarden and Rødbyhavn, we still had our quota of smoke that had to be filled up. A little candy was also bought in Svinesund.

We drove over the new Svinesund bridge and went home to Norway.