På tur med M/S Color Magic (Oslo-Kiel t/r). Show i Show Lounge: Everyday Magic - en kabaret av drømmer.
To Kiel with M/S Color Magic (Oslo-Kiel t/r). Show in Show Lounge: «Everyday Magic - a cabaret of dreams». Photo: Pål Stagnes

To Kiel with M/S Color Magic

This weekend we have been on our annual trip to Kiel with M/S Color Magic.

At last year’s trip we traveled with 4-star cabins and were very happy with it. This time, we increased the star factor and went 5-star Color Junior Suites with ocean views. Also this time Color Magic delivered better than expected. Included in the ticket was expanded minibar, fruit bowl, breakfast, VIP check-in with direct boarding to the VIP lounge, internet access and access to on board spa and fitness center.

Lugaren om bord M/S Color Magic
Cabin 9-310 on board M/S Color Magic. Photo: Pål Stagnes
Plenty of space in the double bed. Photo: Pål Stagnes








With good APRS coverage along the journey there were no problems to follow our tracks. We brought with us our own I-gate on board in the cabin. That made minimal packet loss. We used this opportunity to test out the new I-gate from Jäger, and from what we’ve seen it has been sending out packages steadily throughout the tour. In the picture below you can see Color Magic’s route to and from Kiel.

APRS track of the tour with M/S Color Magic
APRS track of the tour with M/S Color Magic

Before I booked the ticket online i had clarified the use of the equipment with Color Line to avoid issues using VHF and UHF equipment on board. Usually a lot of equipment is carried on when we travel. At last year’s trip we went with some radio equipment. This year it was not marked in my order that I would bring such equipment. It led to the fact that I had a meeting with the Chief Officer on board. Housekeeping services had reacted to everything that was connected in the cabin. With ISPS rules as a backdrop, he was forced to check out what this was. After a nice chat and displaying our license cards the problem was solved.

On my next time to travel with ham radio equipment that will be set up in the cabin I will make sure it is noted in my order and I will notify the reception on board as well. Then it will be much easier for all.

Every night there are shows on board in the Color Magic’s Show Lounge. We had booked the VIP seats and a bottle of sparkling wine and strawberries. Having a reserved table was very nice. We avoided to hunt for a good seat. Now the table was waiting for us.

The pictures below are taken at the shows «Everyday Magic – a cabaret of dreams» and «Glamourama – pursuit of wealth of the earth».