Riksdagsbygningen i Berlin. Foto: Pål Stagnes
Riksdagsbygningen i Berlin. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Ich bin ein Berliner…

We could not leave Berlin before we had looked around. So it was a bit short drive in the center and a little walking too.

This building is characterized by Berlin’s history. Photo: Pål Stagnes

In Berlin we saw the Reichstag building. A magnificent building. But what we might most noticed was all the buildings that had damage after the bombing during the war. Many buildings had both ball holes and grenade damages. You do not forget the story when you walk around the streets of Berlin.

From Berlin, the journey went to Krakow in Poland. Up to the border we drove on the Autobahn. After crossing with the corresponding stamp of the passport, we continued on another kind of roads. To simplify it, you can say that the shock absorbers have got a little extra work today. There was a lot of shaking before we entered the largest road construction area we have ever been close to. Between 20 and 30 kilometeres of continuous road work. The last bit against Krakow were on a lower standard, but no worse than many Norwegian highways.

I have tried to understand the speed limits in this country, but I have to say that I have given up and just ended up following the other traffic. It appears that the speed signs do not apply. I’ve driven both 90 and 100 in 40 zones here.

After we arrived in Krakow we spent some time searching for a hotel. There are many hotels along the way, but it is not easy to find places where there is safe parking for the car. We found a hotel were the car is in its own locked area. We have emptied the car and hidden what we have not brought in the trunk. It’s best to have no visible goods in the car.