Vi forlater et trekkfullt Danmark. Foto: Pål Stagnes
Vi forlater et trekkfullt Danmark. Foto: Pål Stagnes


Today we have had another driving day and drove from Copenhagen to Berlin with a stop in Heiligenhafen.

The day today has also been a lot of driving. It’s amazing fun getting out on the Autobahn and really getting used the right side of the speedometer on my car. It’s the part that’s a bit more fun to use. Although regular march speed is around 130-140 km/h, I’ve had the car up to over 180 km/h. It’s fast, but fun 🙂

We took the ferry from Rødbyhavn to Puttgarden to get to Germany. The ferry takes close to an hourand is an easy way to get to Germany.

Al Porto in Heiligenhafen – the place with the world’s best pizza. Photo: Pål Stagnes

Not far from Puttgarden lies Heiligenhafen. Here is the compulsory stop to eat at Al Porto – the place with the world’s best pizza.

Although it was four years since I was there last, I was recognized by Suzanna and was most warmly welcomed by her and Giovanni.

I think Ivan was amazed at how we were received. It’s not every time the boss himself comes and greets you when you eat out.

As usual, the food tasted very delicious. Simply and easily, you can say that it is on Al Porto you get the world’s best pizza. Nobody makes it better.

From Heligenhafen, the journey continued to Berlin, via a small wrong way trip to Rostock. Rostock became an expensive turn. Here it was a toll road both for driving in and out of town. 5 Euro to turn the car, but if nothing else, we can brag about being to Rostock 🙂

At the moment we find ourselves at the Sorat Hotel Spree-Bogen in Berlin. Even today we have been lucky to find hotels. We have to charge 95 Euro for the room, but then the hotel is a high standard hotel.

See the hotel’s website.

I have also posted some pictures from the tour in the gallery. Click here to get an overview page.

What we do tomorrow is uncertain, but I think we will take a closer view on Berlin.