Arbeit Macht Frei. Foto: Pål Stagnes
Arbeit Macht Frei. Foto: Pål Stagnes


“The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again”
– George Santayana

The meeting with Auschwitz was special. Knowing that millions of people died here because of race, religion or sexual orientation. Here people have fought through a struggle to survive, day by day, to eventually end their days in the gas chamber or to be shot.

In the camp area. Photo: Pål Stagnes


The concentration camp is today a museum that is open to all. It’s even free entrance. Around the various barracks there are different exhibitions.

After the visit to Auschwitz we spent 3 hours finding the right way. We had decided to leave Poland after visiting Auschwitz.

After Poland, we turn towards Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria.