Geostory: Grensen 17

With the app Geostory you can relive the sabotage actions the Oslo gang carried out where they spanned out in the spring of 1944.

With the app Geostory installed, you can experience the story of the explosion of Grensen 17 that the Oslo gang carried out on June 7, 1944. The reason for the action was that there was reasons to fear that the Labor Service would be used to recruit soldiers to the German front line.

With Geostory you will be taken on a little walk in the footsteps of the actors in the two quarters that history spanned.

During the walk you follow the different stages of the action, where the physical surroundings are merged into the story, and thus become an essential part of the story. In the app you will see historical pictures, where this enriches the story.

Citypassasjen. Photo: Pål Stagnes

To use the app you must be in the center of Oslo, and you only get to hear the story when you are in the right place. You follow the map in the app and when you are in the right place you can play the next part of the story. The story is told in Norwegian.

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