Trip to Pulpit Rock

On four days during the national scout camp close to 8,000 scouts went on tour to the Pulpit Rock. From the plateau there is a good view of the Lysefjord and the surrounding hills.

Pulpit Rock is a mountain plateau at approximately 25 x 25 meters on the north side of the Lysefjord in Rogaland. It was probably formed by a frost heave 10 000 years ago. The edge of the glacier was then just over the mountain. Pulpit Rock has a several meters deep crack across the plateau which probably is a result of frost-induced leaks. Geologists have concluded that Pulpit Rock is safe although many unreasonable think that plateau will fall down when they see the crack. From the top of the plateau and down to Lysefjorden it is 604 meters.

At the 3.8 km the long trip from Pulpit Rock mountain lodge  you «climb» 330 meters in height. The trail is well organized with both bridges and stone steps, but it is recommended to use good footwear. High-heeled shoes are not hiking boots!

Every day 2000 scouts should be safely transported back and forth from the camp at Madla. With the limitations inherent in both driving and resting times and that the ferry could only take four buses simultaneously it demanded serious planning. Good security along the route where planned with several posts manned by radio amateurs with direct contact back to HQ in camp.

Me and Paul unfortunately was unable to make the trip during the camp week. We therefore chose to take trip after the camp. Even with fog and mist this was a nice trip that I’m glad we did not miss.


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