At work with Nordic Crane Bull

I have been with Nordic Crane Bull at work as they should lift 4 lifts on board Color Magic. Two cranes of 44 and 60 meters were needed to get the four lifts lifted on board before the boat had to leave the dock en route to Kiel. The highest lift was to deck 14. From there there was a nice view of Oslo and the Oslo fjord.

Pictrures from Kragerø

Edvard Munch referred to Kragerø as the “Pearl among the coastal towns”. “This city should be painted!” Christian Krohg said when visiting Kragerø. Here are my pictures from the city and the archipelago.

Pictures of Nidarosdomen

The construction work on the first stone church over St. Olav’s grave in Trondheim started around 1070, and it is assumed that the church was completed around 1300. After more than 130 years of restoration and reconstruction, one can still impress the mighty cathedral.