Tomorrow new banknotes will be put into circulation

Tomorrow the first notes with the new design is put into circulation. First out are the 100 and 200-krone notes.

The eighth note series is the safest one ever made. Also the design is innovative, in both Norwegian and international context.

For the first time in history there will be no portraits on the Norwegian notes. Instead, the “Sea” is chosen as an overall theme for the entire series.

– “The sea and the coast are central to the story of Norway,” said central bank chief Øystein Olsen when the new notes were presented at an exhibition in Oslo last November.

The front sides are characterized by a traditional and iconic design. Each value has a maritime main motive. The modern, pixel-shaped backs are built around a grid system based on Beaufort’s scale for wind speed.

All are equally high

Unlike today’s banknotes, all the new notes will have the same height, 70 millimeters. However, the length of the notes will be different. To distinguish the values, the length will increase by 7 millimeters for each value, so the 100-krone note will, for example, be 133 millimeters and the 200-krone bill of 140 millimeters.

New 100 krone note. Photo: Norges Bank

Increased security

The notes series, which is now in circulation, was developed in the early 90’s. In recent years, many of the countries around us have issued new and safer notes.

Banknote counterfeiting is unusual in Norway, but Norges Bank fears that it may be a problem if our banknotes are the worst in the class.

The new Norwegian banknotes have incorporated both visible safety elements designed for the public and machine-readable safety elements, and you will be able to see and feel that a banknote is genuine.

As usual there there is a watermark in the banknotes. There are also security threads that we know from before.

In addition, an anchor chain has been inserted that looks like it moves if you flip side to side and a ring floating in a color game down to the left.

Will be invalid

After the new 100 and 200-krone banknotes have been put into circulation, the old 100 and 200-krone banknotes will still be available for payment in one year, ie until 30 May 2018.People are encouraged to use the old banknotes when shopping at the store or deposit them into their bank account before they become invalid in a year. Norges Bank is obliged to exchange the invalid banknotes for at least ten years.