Foto: Pixabay/pasja1000

Early Sunday morning you must set the clock

Early Sunday morning we change from daylight saving time to standard time, but which way are you going to set the clock?

Now that winter is approaching, it is once again time to set the clock. As usual, this happens the night of Sunday last weekend of October. But which way are you going to set the clock? A rule of thumb is that we always set the clock against the summer. This means that we now in the fall sets the clock one hour back.

Summer time is a scheme that several countries have introduced to exploit the bright parts of the day and save energy. In the summer we set the clock one hour forward. In Norway considered winter time as standard time.

According to Wikipedia, summertime was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin in an essay as early as 1784, but was not taken into use before World War I. Germany was the first in 1916 and then followed by the UK. The idea was to get a better utilization of the summer months, with a light hour extra in the evening, reducing energy consumption.

In Norway, the DST first introduced as a permanent scheme from 1980. In 1996 conducted a EU harmonization of summer time so that all EU countries now have a common DST. Norway follows the EU daylight saving time.

In Europe there were long only time only Iceland that did not use daylight saving time. In 2011, Russia decided to abandon the scheme, which meant that neighboring Belarus and Ukraine also removed summer time that year. In Turkey, in 2012, proposals were made to abandon summer time.

In Norway, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries who manages the summer time through the “Daylight saving time regulations”. The regulations have stipulated that the normal time from the time between 0200 last Sunday in March and 0300 last Sunday in October.

In March we turn the clock one hour ahead and at the end of summer time it is turned one hour back. Daylight saving time in Norway will say UTC + 2, while normal time will say UTC + 1.

At 0300 on Sunday 29 October we turn the clock back one hour so that it displays 0200.