På tur med skolekorpset til Tyskland (1991). Foto: Pål Stagnes
Photo: Pål Stagnes

School Band Tour to Germany

It is the summer of 1991 and I have just completed the youth school. One day in June, I met up at Realskolen to travel on a school band tour with Åndalsnes school band to Germany.

This was the trip everyone in the band had been looking forward to. We were going on a tour to Weissenhäuser Strand in Germany. For one that has grown up among fjords and high mountains, this was an exotic destination. From Åndalsnes the journey went up Romsdalen and down Gudbrandsdalen by bus. I do not remember where departed with the ship. We traveled with one of the ferries to Denmark, most likely from Oslo. On board the ship we were accommodated in our cabins. It was almost like staying at a hotel.

We drive through Denmark and cross the border to Germany. From the border, just head for Weissenhäuser Strand and completed the last leg of the trip down.

I have many nice memories from this trip, especially when we, the big boys, were allowed to travel around Lübeck on our own. Or from when we met a gang of though German boys and we got up and took pictures. I wonder what went through the heads of those boys when we pulled up our camareas…