Photo: Pål Stagnes

OL in Lillehammer

In this flashback you can see some of the pictures I took during the Olympics 20 years ago. Although I have a lack of interest in sports, it was an experience to be in Lillehammer during the Olympics and experience the atmosphere in town.

Winter Olympics 1994, the 17th Olympic Winter Games werw held in Lillehammer from 12th to 27th February 1994 after the city was awarded the games under the International Olympic Committee Congress in Seoul on 15 September 1988. This was the second time a Winter Olympics was held in Norway, the first time was in Oslo in 1952. Parts of the games found in addition to Lillehammer also place in Hamar (where Viking ship and Northern Lights Hall was built for just this purpose), as in Hafjell in Øyer municipality, in Kvitfjell in Ringebu municipality and in Gjøvik (Fjellhallen). Best nation was Russia with eleven gold medals, while Norway ended up with ten gold, eleven silver and five bronze medals.

These Olympics were the first in history who had direct dissemination of results via the Internet, provided by the Norwegian internet company Oslonett. This was also the first Winter Olympics that were held the same year as the summer Olympics. Thus Olympics in 1994 held only two years after the last Winter Olympics in Albertville in 1992.

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