Rune og Nils Harald i de siste forberedelsene før sending. Foto: Pål Stagnes
Photo: Pål Stagnes

New owners of Radio Rauma

Åndalsnes Avis announced today that Radio Rauma has got new owners. On this occasion I have found some pictures from that time I was working for the station.

The pictures were taken sometime in the early 1990s, most likely in 1991 or 1992. At the time, Radio Rauma premises in Kongens gate. In the beginnig the radio had it’s entrance through the school’s kitchen, but eventually got its own entrance when it was sawn a hole in the wall and a new door mounted.

In the early years were both studio and control room provisional built, but that did not stop a bunch of creative enthusiasts to bring their programs on the “airwaves”. Although I worked mostly as a sound engineer, I was sometimes to be heard on the air. It was both exciting and challenging for a teenager to be allowed to work in local radio, and the years I worked in Radio Rauma was very educational.

The images in this time flashback shows Nils Harald and Rune that prepares today’s Hit Box, a program in which music from the week’s VG-list was broadcasted. In the last picture we see the same gentlemen in the studio.