Demo av mobilt kontrollrom for Nødnett. Foto: Pål Stagnes
Photo: Pål Stagnes

Super user course for Nødnett

Nødnett is a digital nationwide multi-agency public safety network. The network will be expanded throughout the country and completed in 2015.

Among the users in Nødnett we find the FORF organizations, and this weekend, a super user course for Nødnett were held at the Justice Sector Course and Training Center (JKØ) in Stavern. All users of Nødnett is required to have training, including members of the volunteer rescue organizations. As a super user, I am approved as an Instructor for the User Course.

A safety networks must be reliable and robust and therefore all base stations are equipped with emergency power.

Motorola MTP850 S Nødnett terminal. Photo: Pål Stagnes

All Nødnett users is required to have their ownown, approved terminals and all users must have completed the user course. Nødnett has a number of speech groups that none other than those given access to can listen to.. There are also several speech groups for interaction across organizations. The speech groups can be assembled as needed so that police, health, fire and FORF organizations can work together, for example, in case of a major accident. The terminals can also send and receive text messages and are used to exchange smaller amounts of data.

The course was organized together with the Red Cross’s Region East summer course. Since this was a FORF course, there were participants from the NRRL Emergency Communication Services, Red Cross, Norwegian People’s Aid and the Civil Defense. It was nice to meet so many committed people who spend their leisure time as volunteers in the rescue service.

Demonstration of the fire departments control room / ICCS. Photo: Pål Stagnes Demo av brannvesenets kontrollrom/ICCS. Foto: Pål Stagnes
Demonstration of the police’s simulation room. Photo: Pål Stagnes


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