Fra planetariet på Norsk Teknisk Museum. Foto: Pål Stagnes

LA4O visits Norwegian Technical Museum

This second week in May it was Wednesday already on Tuesday. The member’s meeting was moved one day forward to visit the Norwegian Technical Museum. 11 radio amateurs met in the nice weather to attend a guided tour of the museum.

This evening the main focus was the planetarium and Mind gap, an exhibition about the brain and brain research in Norway. The museum also hosts the main exhibition of the Norwegian Tele Museum.

Brain on formalin. Photo: Pål Stagnes

Mind gap
The exhibition Mind gap is about the brain and brain research, an exhibition where the audience gets a sensual and engaging experience as part of the exhibition. Mind gap is a mix between exhibition and an art installation.

The brain is the most widely used and least understood natural phenomenon we know. The brain is ourselves and the engine behind all the knowledge. Despite its central function and all the knowledge that is constantly evolving in this field, little is done to bring the research and fascination to the people.

From the telecommunication history. Photo: Pål Stagnes

Norsk Tele Museum
Norsk Tele Museum has collections from Norwegian telecommunications history and Telenor’s activities The museum illustrates the connection between telecommunications and social development.

Norwegian Technical Museum
Technical Museum is the National Museum of Technology, Science and Medicine. The museum has more than 15 permanent exhibitions on technology, science and medicine, as well as high-level, temporary exhibitions. Annually  250,000 visitors guests the museum, of which 60,000 school students. The museum has 54 full-time equivalents divided between 70-75 employees.

A planetarium is an artificial starry sky that makes it possible to experience the night sky’s amazing diamonds indoors. In the planetarium of the Science Center you can see the stars on the northern hemisphere and find out where the planets are. You soon realize that in the big context both we and the stone we live on are small.