Mannskaper fra NRRL Sambandstjenesten filmer og direkteoverfører live fra ulykkesstedet. Foto: LB1JG Arnfinn Roland

HarbourEx15 – Norway’s Largest Civilian Exercise

In April 2015 NRRL Sambandstjenesten attended HarbourEx15. This exercise is the largest civilian exercise that is carried out in Norway.

The Exercise HarbourEx15 is a follow up on the south harbour report which also formed the basis for the choice of scenario and exercise site. A DSB study shows a complex picture of the risks and Sydhavna (south harbour) is an area with many different actors and activities located within a limited geographic area.

HarbourEx15 is part of the EU’s exercise program and the exercise involved, in addition to some 30 national emergency resources also some international rescue resources.

Crews from NRRL Sambandstjenesten (Norwgian Radio Amateur Emergency Communication Services) filmed and directly transmitted live from the accident.

A Crew from NRRL Sambandstjenesten broadcasting live from the exercise. Photo: LB1JG Arnfinn

A Crew from NRRL Sambandstjenesten broadcasting live from the exercise. Photo: LB1JG Arnfinn

The exercise consisted of three main scenarios:

Scenario I – an explosive fire in the tank facilities at Sydhavna

An explosive fire occurs in the container terminal. Several of the vessels involved in the accident include unknown hazardous substances. The fire is exploding and spreading to oil tanks adjacent to the container terminal where it causes major damage to the facilities and starts a prolonged fire that potentially will last for 3-4 days.

Scenario II – evacuation of the public in non-affected areas

Large quantities of smoke caused by the fire at the oil tanks are creating major problems for the local population, in addition to preventing the flow of traffic on both roads and railways.

Scenario III – ship collisions with subsequent release of bunker oil in the Oslo fjord

A ship ship collision in the Oslofjord, just outside Sydhavna causes a discharge of bunker oil from the vessels involved in the inner Oslo Fjord.

DISTAFF. Photo: Pål Stagnes
DISTAFF. Photo: Pål Stagnes

NRRL Sambandstjenesten contributed with live transmission of TV images from the exercise area and into Oslo City Hall where exercise management was located. In addition, the images also were displayed in the Presidency Room of the City Hall, where visitors and guests were informed about the exercise. In the Presidency hall there were also shown live images from distaff (exercise management).

Photo: Lars Tjelsbo
Photo: Lars Tjelsbo

The most exciting images were delivered from exercise areas on Sjursøya and Grønlia. From the exercise areas the images was sent via the link on Kongshavn high school and into the City Hall. The greatest challenge was on day 2 where we would cover the ship collision. To get the best possible pictures one of the cameras standing on the shore, while the second camera was on board rescue boat. This gave very good pictures to the exercise management.

During the exercise SVG (NRRL Sambandstjenesten Vestfold Grenland) and NSOA (NRRL Sambandstjenesten Oslo and Akershus) collaborated.