Radiohytta på Morokulien. Foto: Pål Stagnes
Radiohytta på Morokulien. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Group trip with LA4O to Morokulien

The first weekend of June has been a radioactive weekend. Radio amateurs from the Oslo group “occupied” the radio cabin at Morokulien.

In Morokulien it is possible to rent a fully equipped radio cabin. It is the association ARIM, which consists of radio amateurs from Norway and Sweden who operate the site. The cabin has been used by radio amateurs from all over the world, and this first weekend in June, the Oslo group returned to visit.

The radio cabin in Morokulien is located on the border between Norway and Sweden, and therefore it has two call signs; LA5LG and SJ9WL. This weekend we have been on air from “no man’s land”.

The radio cabin is well equipped, including an Icom IC-756PROIII and IC-706MKIIG. When it comes to antennas, a large mast with vertical for 23 cm, 70 cm and 2 m has been set up, a log-periodic beam for 80 – 1380 MHz, a Yagi 6 element for 50 MHz and a log-periodic beam for 10 , 12, 15, 17 and 20 M. In addition, there is a combined wire antenna for 40, 80 and 160 m and a G5RV for 160-10 m. The latter antenna was unfortunately not operational when we were visiting.

From the Oslo group, an international gang radio amateur stationed. With Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic radio amateurs it became an international weekend. Some of us got up already on Friday afternoon. The rest came after on Saturday. We had contact with radio amateurs from different corners of the world, even radio amateurs on the Helgeland coast, collected to the annual Ham Treff Helgeland (LA8HTH).

Thank you to everyone who helped make this a nice radio weekend!



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LG5LG/SJ9WL, Morokulien

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LG5LG/SJ9WL, Morokulien 59.931206, 12.241033 LG5LG/SJ9WL, Morokulien