Bilde fra Oslogruppens Field Day 2010. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Amateur Radio

9 April 2010 I passed a license exam as a radio amateur. The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority granted me the call sign LA6CSA.

What is a radio amateur?
A radio amateur is a person who has radio communication (transmission and receiving) as a hobby. An interest he or she shares with more than 2 million others across the world.

How do I become a radio amateur?
In order to conduct this hobby you must held a license, a radio amateur license. The license requires that you have a good knowledge of subjects in radio technology. Additionally, you you need to know the amateur procedures and current regulations and rules.

NRRL – Norwegian Radio Relay League  the radio amateur organization in Norway, has prepared a textbook, “The Radio Amateur’s ABC”, which covers the syllabus in radio technology. A collection of theme booklets has also been prepared, in which the individual subjects are thoroughly elaborated.

There is also an online course for self-study. It was this course I took. You will find the course at

The local groups also arrange from time to time courses. Check out the NRRL homepage to find your nearest group.

Want to know more?
If you would like to know more about amateur radio and radio amateurs, I recommend you to join your local group at a meeting. The Oslo Group, which I am a member of, has meetings every Wednesday from kl. 1900. The address is Nedre Rommen 5 E (2nd floor).