21. October 2018

Interrailing to Spain

At Easter I chose to travel to Spain in a slightly different way; I bought an Interrail ticket and took the train.


Vasa ship

On August 10, 1628, the ship “Vasa” wrecked on her maiden voyage on her way from Stockholm harbor.

The Vasa museum houses the world’s only preserved ship from the 17th century, telling the history of the ship.


The spy plane that disappeared

Friday, June 13, 1952, a DC-3 takes off from Bromma airport. On board are eight people on a top secret operation. The plane never returns and remains gone for over 50 years.


Today the last FM transmitters are turned off, or?

Since the first shutdown of FM transmitters in Nordland county on January 11 this year, FM transmitters across the country have been turned off region by region. The last region where FM transmitters are switched off were in Troms and Finnmark.


21 October 2018
Today is this year's day number 293. We are in week 42, and have 72 days left of 2018.

At this day in history:
1833Alfred Nobel, Swedish chemist, engineer, inventor and philanthropist (d. 1896) was born.
1944Alois Kayser, missionary in Nauru (b. 1877) died.
1949Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen, Norwegian Politician and Defense Minister was born.
1962Hurtigruta M / S Sanct Svithun founds ground at the North Island on Folla. 42 perishes. .
1966Arne Sandstø, Norwegian football coach was born.
1967Paul Ince, English football player was born.
1971Thomas Ulsrud, Norwegian curling player was born.
1982Jeremiah Rutherford, Nauru Weightlifting was born.
1983The metric definition is linked to the speed of light and so that this becomes an entire number of meters per second .: 299 792 458 m / s.
1984François Truffaut, French filmmaker died.
2003Elliott Smith, American musician (born 1969) died.

Did you get this stuff?

Scout camp on rafts

First week of July the scouts from Fagerstrand Scouts when on an adventure. During one week we should build our ownrafts, sail 100 km on Swedish river Klarälven and defeates hordes of mosquitoes.
Holmenkollbakken. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Pictures from Oslo

Here are some pictures shot in Oslo during the last week.
Fylkesleiren 1991 på Setnesmoen ved Åndalsnes. Foto: Pål Stagnes

District Scout Camp 1991 at Setnesmoen

In the Summer of 1991 Nordmøre og Romsdal district and Sunnmøre district a regional scout camp at Setnesmoen in Åndalsnes. Scouts from around county gathered for a week of exciting scouting activities.
Rådhuset i Oslo. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Oslo by night

The pictures were taken late in the evening in the area around Rådhusplassen and on Ekeberg.

WannaCry: Hacker attack without simile

Friday night it became known through the media that at least 99 countries and 57,000 businesses were affected by a data attack. These include hospitals and Norwegian businesses.