29. January 2020

Geostory: Grensen 17

With the app Geostory you can relive the sabotage actions the Oslo gang carried out where they spanned out in the spring of 1944.


Vasa ship

On August 10, 1628, the ship “Vasa” wrecked on her maiden voyage on her way from Stockholm harbor.

The Vasa museum houses the world’s only preserved ship from the 17th century, telling the history of the ship.


Interrailing to Spain

At Easter I chose to travel to Spain in a slightly different way; I bought an Interrail ticket and took the train.


Frankfurt am Main: Main Tower and Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt am Main is the largest city in the German state of Hessen and the fifth largest city in Germany. The city has a lot to offer; From the top of the Main Tower there is a wonderful view of the city and in the Frankfurt Zoo you can meet around 450 different species of animals.


The spy plane that disappeared

Friday, June 13, 1952, a DC-3 takes off from Bromma airport. On board are eight people on a top secret operation. The plane never returns and remains gone for over 50 years.


29 January 2020
Today is this year's day number 28. We are in week 05, and have 338 days left of 2020.

At this day in history:
1119Pope Gelasius II died.
1499Katharina von Bora, German nun and wife of Martin Luther (d. 1552) was born.
1595Romeo and Juliet, a famous play by William Shakespeare, is likely to be performed for the first time.
1676Feodor III becomes Czar of Russia.
1717Jeffrey Amherst, British military leader (d. 1797) was born.
1749King Christian VII of Denmark (d. 1808) was born.
1820King George III of Great Britain (b. 1738) died.
1843William McKinley, America's 25th President (d. 1901) was born.
1856Queen Victoria av Storbritannia introduces Victoria Cross.
1860Anton Chekhov, Russian dramatist (d. 1904), was born.
1861Kansas gets US 34. State.
1862Frederick Delius, English composer (d. 1934) was born.
1866Romain Rolland, French writer, playwright and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915 (d. 1944) was born.
1874John D. Rockefeller Jr., American entrepreneur (d. 1960) was born.
1876Havergal Brian, British composer (d. 1972) was born.
1880WC Fields, American comedian and actor (d. 1946) was born.
1885Leadbelly, American musician (d. 1949) was born.
1886Karl Benz takes out a patent on the first working car powered by gasoline.
1905Barnett Newman, American painter (d. 1970) was born.
1906King Christian IX of Denmark (b. 1818) died.

Did you get this stuff?

Fjelldag og overnatting i Brøstdalen. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Mountain day and overnight stay in Brøstdalen

This is flashback is another dive into my photo archive. This time the trip has come to a mountain day in Brøstdalen with Rauma High School in 1993.

OL in Lillehammer

In this flashback you can see some of the pictures I took during the Olympics 20 years ago. Although I have a lack of interest in sports, it was an experience to be in Lillehammer during the Olympics and experience the atmosphere in town.
Statue i Moskva, Russland. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Pictures from Moscow

Photos taken in Russia's capital Moscow and in the Red Square.
Vi hadde det travelt på reisen hjem til Norge. Foto: Ivan André Buvik

The way home

We had wrongly calculated the number of holiday days, and the last days of the holiday there was a lot of driving. From Prague, the journey went to Norway, via Göttingen, Celle and Helsingborg.
Granittrock 2006: Dum Dum Boys. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Pictures from Granittrock 2006

Granittrock was rocking Grouruddalen with bands like TNT and Dum Dum Boys.