23. August 2019

Geostory: Grensen 17

With the app Geostory you can relive the sabotage actions the Oslo gang carried out where they spanned out in the spring of 1944.


Vasa ship

On August 10, 1628, the ship “Vasa” wrecked on her maiden voyage on her way from Stockholm harbor.

The Vasa museum houses the world’s only preserved ship from the 17th century, telling the history of the ship.


Interrailing to Spain

At Easter I chose to travel to Spain in a slightly different way; I bought an Interrail ticket and took the train.


Frankfurt am Main: Main Tower and Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt am Main is the largest city in the German state of Hessen and the fifth largest city in Germany. The city has a lot to offer; From the top of the Main Tower there is a wonderful view of the city and in the Frankfurt Zoo you can meet around 450 different species of animals.


The spy plane that disappeared

Friday, June 13, 1952, a DC-3 takes off from Bromma airport. On board are eight people on a top secret operation. The plane never returns and remains gone for over 50 years.


23 August 2019
Today is this year's day number 234. We are in week 34, and have 131 days left of 2019.

At this day in history:
686Karl Martell, Frankish steward of the realm was born.
1572Bartholomew Night: The night between 23 and 24 August, murdered 12,000 Huguenots in Paris.
1789Hanna Winsnes Norwegian writer (d. 1872) was born.
1831August von Gneisenau, Prussian general field marshal and hærreformator (b. 27 October 1760) died.
1888Ivar Asbjørn Følling, Norwegian doctor (d. 1973) was born.
1911Birger Ruud, Norwegian ski jumper (d. 1998) was born.
1939Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that divided Europe between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union was signed.
1944Large parts of Vardo and Vadsø eradicated in Soviet bombings.
1947Terje Rypdal, Norwegian jazz musician was born.
1956Valgerd Svarstad Haugland, Norwegian politician was born.
1968Chris DiMarco, American golfer was born.
1972Petter Christian Singsaas, Norwegian footballer was born.
1978Kobe Bryant, American professional basketball player was born.
1978Julian Casablancas, American singer was born.
1979Shrimp trawlers "J. Sandnes" capsize and sink in these waters. 3 are killed. .
1989The Singing Revolution: Two million people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania stood holding hands in a 600 km unbroken link along the main road from Vilnius to Tallinn (Baltic Way) . .

Did you get this stuff?

Monolitten i Vigelandsparken. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Pictures from the Vigeland Park

The Vigeland Parkt is part of the Frogner Park and contains sculptures by Gustav Vigeland.
København. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Pictures from Copenhagen

Pictures from Copenhagen.
Hjemmefrontmuseet. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Pictures from the Resistance Museum

Pictures from our visit to the Resistance Museum.

Europe – Here we come!

Finally we are ready for departure, almost...

APRS tracking a scout adventure

In the first week of June Fagerstrand Scouts went on this year's adventure. During the week, we should build our own rafts and sail 100 km on the Swedish river Klarälven. All fleets were APRS tracked so that parents and others who would follow us could see our positions on the map.