WannaCry: Hacker attack without simile

Friday night it became known through the media that at least 99 countries and 57,000 businesses were affected by a data attack. These include hospitals and Norwegian businesses.

  • Flashback

    School Party 1990

    This flashback brings us back to 1990, when my class organized a school party at Åndalsnes Ungdomsskole.

  • Åsen Emergency Communication Center

    Doomsday Central – Åsen Emergency Communication Center

    Behind the locked steel door in a backyard at Torshov in Oslo you will find the emergency communication center. From this premises the telephone communication would be secured in event of war or enemy sabotage.

  • Travel

    Pictures from London

    The British capital is an exciting city to visit.

    With its location along the River Thames London has been an important city since it was founded by the Romans two millennia ago under the name Londinium.

  • Amateur Radio

    APRS tracking a scout adventure

    In the first week of June Fagerstrand Scouts went on this year’s adventure. During the week, we should build our own rafts and sail 100 km on the Swedish river Klarälven. All fleets were APRS tracked so that parents and others who would follow us could see our positions on the map.


24 May 2017
Today is this year's day number 143. We are in week 21, and have 222 days left of 2017.

At this day in history:
1086Viktor III is inserted Pope.
1153Malcolm IV becomes King of Scotland.
1240Skule Bårdsson, Norwegian Earl and heir, controlled third of Norway a period (f. 1189) died.
1543Nikolaus Copernicus, European astronomer, mathematician and physician (b. 1473) died.
1626Peter Minuit buys Manhattan, New York.
1686Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, German physicist and instrument maker (d. 1736) was born.
1738Methodist Church is established.
1745A fire in Bragernes, Drammen, destroying 33 homes and 17 warehouses.
1798Irish nationalists rebel against the British occupation forces.
1819Queen Victoria av Storbritannia (d. 1901) was born.

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Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen

Any man can be a pioneer is the core message of Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen.

Pictures from Portør

In Portør heaven meets the sea, and from the rocks you can look out over the sea.
Hjemmefrontmuseet. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Pictures from the Resistance Museum

Pictures from our visit to the Resistance Museum.

Did you get this stuff?

På tur med skolekorpset til Tyskland (1991). Foto: Pål Stagnes

School Band Tour to Germany

25 August 2012

It is the summer of 1991 and I have just completed the youth school. One day in June, I met up at Realskolen to travel on a school band tour with Åndalsnes school band to Germany.


National Scout Jamboree in Eidskog in 1993

16 September 2012

1. Rauma Åndalsnes attended with both troop and rover team on the national scout jamboree in Eidskog in 1993. The camp gathered about 14,000 participants at Ingelsrud farm, the place that would later become NSF’s camp site.