18 March 2018

Today the last FM transmitters are turned off, or?

Since the first shutdown of FM transmitters in Nordland county on January 11 this year, FM transmitters across the country have been turned off region by region. The last region where FM transmitters are switched off were in Troms and Finnmark.


The spy plane that disappeared

Friday, June 13, 1952, a DC-3 takes off from Bromma airport. On board are eight people on a top secret operation. The plane never returns and remains gone for over 50 years.


Frankfurt am Main: Main Tower and Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt am Main is the largest city in the German state of Hessen and the fifth largest city in Germany. The city has a lot to offer; From the top of the Main Tower there is a wonderful view of the city and in the Frankfurt Zoo you can meet around 450 different species of animals.


WannaCry: Hacker attack without simile

Friday night it became known through the media that at least 99 countries and 57,000 businesses were affected by a data attack. These include hospitals and Norwegian businesses.


18 March 2018
Today is this year's day number 76. We are in week 11, and have 289 days left of 2018.

At this day in history:
37The Roman Senate cancels Tiberius "testament and declares Caligula as Emperor.
417Zosimus is selected to Pope.
978Edward the Martyr, later King Edward II of England (eg. Approximately 963) died.
1123The first major church conciles after the Great Schism, the First Lateran Council, starting in Rome.
1227Pope Honorius III (b. 1148) died.
1314Jacques de Molay last official Grand Master of the Knights Order (eg. Approximately 1244-1245 w. 1249-1250) died.
1438Albert II becomes King of Germany.
1782John Calhoun, American vice (d. 1850) was born.
1837Grover Cleveland, US President (d. 1908) was born.
1858Rudolf Diesel, German engineer and inventor (d. 1913) was born.
1869Neville Chamberlain, British Prime (d. 1940) was born.
1890Gunnar Andersen, Norwegian footballer and ski jumper (d. 1968) was born.
1893Egil Hjorth-Jenssen, actor, writer and theater director (d. 1969) was born.
1913George I of Greece will be killed.
1915First World War: Three warships being sunk during a failed British and French attack on the Dardanelles.
1921The Polish-Soviet war, the Soviet Union and Poland sign a peace treaty in Riga.
1922In India, Mahatma Gandhi was sentenced to six years in prison for civil disobedience. He zones only two years.
1936 F. W. de Klerk, south African politician was born.
1937A natural gas explosion at a school in New London, Texas, killing 298 people, mostly children.
1940World War II: Axis Powers, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, meet at Brenner Pass in the Alps and appointments an alliance against France and the United Kingdom.

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På tur over Valdresflya. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Pictures from Valdresflya

Valdresflya is a wide marshland in Øystre Slidre municipality in Oppland county. The marshland is to the east of Jotunheimen. Highway 51 crosses the north-south direction.

Amateur Radio

9 April 2010 I passed a license exam as a radio amateur. The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority granted me the call sign LA6CSA.
På tsjekkiske landeveier. Foto: Pål Stagnes

Pictures from the Czech Republic

Pictures from the Czech countryside.

Did you get this stuff?

På tsjekkiske veier. Foto: Pål Stagnes

On European roads

4 August 2005

The car is packed with the most necessary (and unnecessary), and the guys are ready to enter Europe.

Vi hadde det travelt på reisen hjem til Norge. Foto: Ivan André Buvik

The way home

27 July 2005

We had wrongly calculated the number of holiday days, and the last days of the holiday there was a lot of driving. From Prague, the journey went to Norway, via Göttingen, Celle and Helsingborg.